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About TNTNames.com

TNTNames.com strives to become your broker to sell your domain names.  We have a number of marketing techniques at our disposal that we will use including Facebook and Twitter as well as exposure to our extensive network of domain investors. We will also promote your domains through our weekly newsletter.

TNTNames.com employs an array of marketing, promotion and negotiation techniques that aim to maximize exposure to our client’s domain name sales. We strive to extract the full potential from your names and websites. We believe in the effectiveness of online media, creating long term relationships and networking with individuals in all areas of industry. We welcome you to our company and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We do ask for a small fee of 10% of any domain that we sell through our extensive network. If you would also like to inquire about getting your domain listed in our “Featured Domains” section please contact us though our “Contact Us” page for pricing!

Thank You,

The tntnames.com Staff

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