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BRS Media’s Radio Global Domain Launches Landrush Registrations

San Francisco CA (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

BRS Media, a diverse and growing media e-commerce firm that assists traditional and interactive media companies build and brand on the power of the Internet, announced today the start of the Landrush Phase for .Radio.am & .Radio.fm Global Domain Extensions (Radio Glds).
The Landrush Period will feature two levels, Landrush A and B with both running simultaneously:

Landrush A: For Government Licensed Radio Stations, to register or block “Official Call Signs”, applicants must complete the Landrush A form: http://radio.fm/Landrush.pdf
Landrush B: For General Public – Multiple requests for the same domain go to auction at the completion of Landrush period.
Upon validation, Landrush A application will take precedence over any and all Landrush B applications, with Landrush A validation audits being conducted by non-profit organization Webcaster Alliance, Inc.

Also for the first time, Radio Global Premium Domains will be available. This will be an excellent opportunity to claim short and generic radio based global domains. The current premium list is at: http://radio.fm/premium

The Radio Global Domain Extensions under .Radio.am and .Radio.fm are designed for Bootstrap Start-Ups, Small Office/Home Offices (SOHO) Entrepreneurs, Social Media Ventures, Streaming Enterprises and Traditional Broadcasters worldwide, while at the same time encouraging originality in expanding the RADIO global domain space.

“We are thrilled about this phase of the Radio Global Domain launch. The landrush will be the first chance for anyone to get a domain extension with Radio’s name on it“, remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc. “The Radio.am and Radio.fm Global Domain Extensions will foster true innovation, openness and actual consumer choice on the Internet. Our depth of experience and understanding in the market demonstrates our commitment to guide the Radio GLDs in a professional, reliable and all-inclusive manner.”

The Radio Global Domains Phased Roll-Out Plan TimeTable:

Current Phase: Landrush – 1st July 2013 18:00 GMT to 31st July 2013 23:59 GMT

Landrush Period will be the first opportunity for anyone to get great RADIO domain before General Availability. A 2-year minimum will be required during landrush, and both Landrush A & B to run simultaneously.

In Landrush A: Government licensed radio stations, official issued “Call Signs” will be on a first-come-first-served, following validation.
In Landrush B: Multiple domain requests will go to auction at end of landrush phase.

In addition, for the first time, Premium Radio domains will be available. These premium domains include short 1, 2 characters and generic word radio domains.

Next Phase: General Availability – 3rd August 2013 18:00 GMT
General Availability will be open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis.

The list of Landrush Accreddited Registrars is available at: http://www.Radio.fm/Registrars

Current accredited registrars can still add .RADIO.AM & .RADIO.FM to their .FM Registry account, utilizing the same EPP registry solution, by contacting BRS Media directly at: 1.888.DOT.AMFM (1.888.368.2636). New gTLD Registrars and Resellers interested in the premier opportunity to market a range of media based domain extensions can get information at http://Radio.am/Launch/.

About BRS Media Inc: Based in the South of Market district (SoMa) of San Francisco CA, BRS Media (http://brsmedia.fm) is listed as one of the fastest growing privately held companies by the SF Business Times and Inc. Magazine for an astounding 5th consecutive year; its portfolio of leading online properties includes: dotFM® & dotAM®, over 15 years of Domain Innovation and Brand Registry Services for media based .FM and .AM domains; .Radio.am & .Radio.fm, Radio’s New Global Domain Extensions (GLDs); @Radio.am & @Radio.fm, free & premium Web based email services; dotRadio™, the .RADIO Top-Level-Domain; iDotz.Net domain registrar of all gTLD domains (.com .net & .org), as well as boutique domains (.tv .co .me .la & .im) and the ever-popular Web-Radio, the leading portal for “tuning in” Radio on the Internet. dotFM, dotAM and dotRadio are either registered trademarks or trademarks of BRS Media, Inc.

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