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17M new domains created, Undeveloped announces landmark Auction to celebrate

“We might end up breaking the world record of biggest domain auction ever organised. That would be a spectacular moment not only for the newly launched domain extensions but for the entire domain industry.” 

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 05/05/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — On January 2014, Donuts inc launched the first 7 new domain extensions including the .guru extension. Two years later 984 new extensions have already launched and 17,358,883 new domains have been created in these extensions. With hundreds of new extensions still planned to become available for the general public, the domain name marketplace Undeveloped.com announced today that it will host one of the biggest domain auctions ever organised to celebrate the birth of the new domains.

The 20th of June 2016, exactly 5 years after ICANN approved the creation of new domain extensions, Undeveloped will host a premium domain auction with the goal to get all new domain extensions to participate in this landmark moment. Numerous big operators like Minds + Machines and Startingdot have already confirmed auctioning for the first time rare gems like At.Work and Cheap.ski.

With more and more businesses going online the demand for domains keeps increasing dramatically while the supply of good domains remains very limited.

“As the laws of scarcity have kicked in the domain industry it has become very hard for businesses all over the world to find the right domain. With this auction we want to give businesses from all over the world a unique chance of getting that name that they’ve always been looking for. We expect to have domains in more than 500 new extensions in this unique auction to celebrate the five year mark of these new options.” said Reza Sardeha, the CEO of Undeveloped.com.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Undeveloped.com
Full Name: Reza Sardeha
Email Address: support@undeveloped.com
Website: https://undeveloped.com

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