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2-Letter Domain Name OV.COM Being Auctioned at NameJet

The rare 2-letter domain name OV.COM is being offered in a public auction on NameJet’s award-winning domain name auction platform.

2-letter domains are very rare and extremely valuable; often selling for over 1 million dollars. There are less than 700 2-letter .com domains in existence, and many of those that have developed sites are owned by large corporations, further evidencing the value and demand for these domains.

For OV.COM, as an abbreviation the letter combination “OV” can have many generic meanings including: Original Version, Output Voltage, Organic Vapor, Orbiter Vehicle, Office Visit, and the Yiddish expletive Oy Vey. OV can also represent Online Video; a market projected to reach $9.5 billion in revenue this year and $12 billion by 2017, according to Bloomberg.com.

“Offering an incredible 2-letter domain name such as OV.COM is something we are very excited about” said Jonathan Tenenbaum, General Manager of NameJet. “The last 2-letter .COM domain that was sold on NameJet broke our sales record at close to $700,000, and we expect this one to do even better.”

OV.com is available to backorder now at NameJet.com. The 3-day public auction will begin on Monday, November 2, 2015 and will close on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. You must be a verified bidder to participate in the auction. Please see the NameJet website for more details.

About NameJet 
NameJet, LLC, a joint venture between eNom, Inc., a subsidiary of Rightside (NASDAQ: NAME) and Network Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary Web.com (NASDAQ: WWWW), is the world’s leading domain name auction platform. Launched in 2007, NameJet has since processed more than 200,000 domain auctions on its award-winning and easy-to-use website. With an exclusive inventory of expired and deleted domains from several of the largest registrars, plus top-quality premium name listings and drop-catching services, NameJet is the industry’s most trusted auction and aftermarket services provider.

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