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2012 Was Huge for .CO!

Juan Diego Calle , the Founder & CEO of .CO Internet has released a report of some interesting .co data. I love seeing .CO increasing in popularity. Here are some interesting points Juan Calle summarized in his recent go.co blog post.

Today there are over 1.4 million .CO domain names registered by people in over 200 countries worldwide. The .CO namespace has grown more than 24% from 2011 to 2012 – and renewals remain consistently strong. Our .COmmunity is only getting bigger and better, with tons of startups, small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs choosing to build the future on .CO every day.

Definitely check out Juan Calle’s summary of what .CO did in 2012 check it out here:


Here is some other news that broke this week about .CO: For the third year in a row, Go Daddy is teaming up with the .CO domain to create a 2013 Super Bowl commercial aimed at anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business. The 30-second ad is set to feature Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick, but that’s about all either company is revealing about the commercial at this point.


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