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2013 SEO Practices Include Infographics, Citations, and Q&A

The world of SEO is always changing, and Think Big Online knows that in order to keep current, they must always adjust their services.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) May 10, 2013

The world of SEO is always changing, and Think Big Online knows that in order to keep current, they must always adjust their services. One recent series of news posts written by Sanket Patel examines SEO practices that are becoming commonplace in 2013, including the use of infographics, making use of Q&A websites, and citations. While a business owner may not need to take advantage of all three of these, a savvy SEO marketer will understand how to leverage each to get the most from them.

Infographics are images designed to provide information visually. Often, they are used to present trends, quick facts, and other information that can, in some way, be offered as graphics and other images instead of just text. Leveraging visuals allows for better social media engagement because they grab readers’ attention and help create scalable links.

Citations assist in improving search engine results page ranking. Being cited (or mentioned in the text) of several different websites will have a business’s site gain better ranking on search engines. Location citations are becoming a bigger and bigger factor in page ranking, especially for local listings. Google Places, for example, uses the number of citations along with positive reviews and comments to decide where a business ranks. If a business doesn’t have many citations or good reviews, it may not survive.

Finally, participating in Q&A websites allows business owners to interact with their customers and potential customers. While this interaction can be invaluable, Q&A sites also offer an SEO opportunity. Business owners can often insert links into their answers, driving traffic back to their website. While that’s certainly important, it’s also important that the answers given on these sites are useful, knowledgeable, and fully answer the question.

This interaction can mean life or death for a business. According to Samuel Junghenn, founder of Think Big Online, “If you are not getting any interaction or engagement from your target audience, it could mean that your business isn’t actually getting the attention it needs to stand out.” Q&A websites are one way of getting that interaction.

About Think Big Online:
A leader in internet content marketing, Think Big Online is located in Sydney, Australia, and services clients worldwide. Founded by Samuel Junghenn, TBO puts its clients first and works to ensure that a marketing campaign will not only reach its targets but also be profitable for the company

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