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2016 GOP Presidential Election Domain Names Up For Auction

BrandsTek.com is offering premium election brand domains GOPforum.com and MyVoteIs.com to the highest bidder for a limited time. Names will be sold to first bidder that meets the reserve price set.
Jul. 19, 2016 / PRZen / CLEVELAND — BrandsTek.com, a digital marketing and digital brand consulting agency, has announced that they are offering two premium political domains MyVoteIs.com and GOPForum.com at auction.

According to Scott Alliy, a domain name and Internet marketing professional since 1995, the 2016 Presidential election is sure to be contentious and the high level of interest and participation make this a great time to own, develop and monetize MyVoteIs.com and GOPForum.com.

The highly targeted information produced from these sites is golden to the right organization, says Scott, and the specific purpose of the sites greatly enhances the revenue generation prospects from ad space on the sites.

Beyond the 2016 election, both brands and apps and websites built upon them have ongoing purpose and high profit potential. Specifically, MyVoteIs.com presents endless opportunities for local, national, and global elections, not just for political races but on propositions and other issues like the recent Brexit vote. Beyond elections, Scott sees applications for MyVoteIs.com for talent contests and much more.

To submit a bid, visit

http://www.MyVoteIs.com or http://www.GOPForum.com.

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Source: Allied Internet Solutions Inc.

Press release distributed by PRZen

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