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5 steps to successful sales for a new domain investor

Today: How to build a portfolio of 100 decent .com domains / Parked Pages Using SSL / BtcFutures.com sold for $5,157 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for Portfolios – Budget up to $450,000 PER Portfolio – Be sure to check your portfolios to see if they fit in this buyers specified criteria. The right portfolio could land you with up to a $450,000.00 sale!

Looking for 1 word (.net or .org) domains – This investors budget is under $1,000.00 for the perfect match to their guidelines. Do you have what they are looking for in your portfolio?

DogCakes.co.uk – SOLD – Now that’s an interesting .co.uk ccTLD sales report. I suppose $200.00 is a good deal for that one, but did they leave money on the table? What do you think?

Parked Pages Using SSL – Are you using a parking company that utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for each of it’s landing pages? Is SSL something you look more for these days with heightened cyber security?

BtcFutures.com sold for $5,157 – Not a bad bitcoin related domain name sales report. Would you have guess that BtcFutures.com would have sold for more or less that $5,157.00?

How to build a portfolio of 100 decent .com domains – Are you looking to build out a portfolio of at least 100 domain name assets the right way? Check out what this domain investor recommends.

5 steps to successful sales for a new domain investor – Are you new to domain investing or looking to just get back to the basics to start over? Check out the suggest five steps to successful domain name sales.

Today’s Marketplace/Auction Picks:


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