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A New Free Tool for Finding Expired Domains Is Now Available

Fort Wayne, IN — (SBWIRE) — 05/08/2013 — Buy Expired Domains is a totally free website with pages of expired domains from Godaddy.com (domains must be purchased from Godaddy.com). This website has tools that allow users to view key SEO variables such as page rank, for each expiring domain. The site is operated by one guy named Brandon and he can always be reached through email which is clearly listed on the site (Brandon@buyexpireddomains.info) for any questions about the site or any advice on purchasing an expired domain. He is very helpful and always willing to provide the best advice possible at no cost for his users.

This great site also features a blog about expired domains which you can access by clicking on the yellow sticking note on the home page that says Follow My Blog. Here the owner Brandon provides informative blog posts on how and why to buy expired domains. These blog posts can be used to help beginners or pro’s learn the business of buying expiring domains and the benefits of doing so. This is just an added benefit to an already great site and it is all free!

Buy Expired Domains stands out from other sites because of the extra info that is provided to help users find good quality domains to buy. All of this information is updated as much as possible and is key in analyzing a good expired domain. There are filters in place so users can filter on each field and narrow their results to meet their needs. These filters can then easily be cleared by clicking a link near the top of the page to clear all filters. A sort function is also available to help users search more effectively. Another great thing is the display option that is available. This option allows you to display all domains on one page by simply typing in the amount of domains you want to view per page. All of these tools are in place to help the users find what they are looking for as easily as possible.

If you are interested in buying expired domains for any purpose at all this tool is a great thing to add to your tool box. With Internet Marketing growing rapidly every day, any advantage you can get, is key to your overall success. Anything free in life is always worth checking out.

Media ContactOwner- Brandon
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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