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Advertise.com launches Exit Yield™ – An Innovative New Product to Help Online Publishers Monetize their Bounce & Exit Traffic

Online publishers finally have a way to earn from their bounce traffic with non-invasive text ads.

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2013

Daniel Yomtobian, Founder and CEO of Advertise.com, today announced a new solution to a problem websites often face. “Website visitors search for specific information and when they don’t find it, they bounce. We’ve developed Exit Yield™ as an answer to the dilemma that helps both the website publisher as well as their visitor.”

Website owners have grappled long and hard over how to monetize their websites, especially when visitors quickly leave their site. This is known as a “bounce rate,” and, according to a Google Analytics report, although a bounce rate of 50% is about average, some sites have as high as a 98% bounce ratio. But now, upon leaving a website using Exit Yield™, the visitor is given the opportunity to visit additional websites matching their search criteria.

Exit Yield™ is a non-obtrusive ad solution allowing website publishers to monetize exit traffic without compromising their current revenue-generating strategies.

How does Exit Yield™ work? After an initial signup and simple approval process, a small piece of code is placed in the website header (or on individual pages). Then, when a visitor leaves or intends on leaving a site with Exit Yield™ in place, the technology will offer relevant ad links based on analysis of the visitor’s search behavior. When the Exit Yield™ ad link is clicked, the website owner’s account is credited. View a video demo of Exit Yield™.

Because Exit Yield™ is great at showing relevant advertisements once the visitor has left or intends to leave the domain, there are two implementation options available for publishers:

Pre-Exit: Displays an overlay lightbox of relevant ads before the visitor leaves.

Post-Exit: Displays ads after the visitor leaves a domain.

With Exit Yield™, website owners have an opportunity to monetize all of their visitors, whether they choose to stay on the site or not. The opportunity to add a fresh, new (net 15 payout) revenue stream, as well as helping visitors locate exactly what they’re searching for creates an advantage for both site owners and their visitors.

Exit Yield™ Benefits:

Boost Revenue – Captures a fresh source of revenue from bounce/exit traffic.

Helpful to Visitors – Publishers get the added value of helping their visitors locate exactly what they’re searching for with non-invasive links.

Pays Per Click – Publishers earn on a CPC with each click.

Prompt Payouts – Fast and on-time payments via Check, Paypal, or Wire.

Change Nothing – It simply adds another revenue stream instead of overriding the current one.

Not Annoying – No pesky pop-ups, pop-unders, or redirects

AdSense Friendly – Pre-Exit Yield™ doesn’t interfere with any AdSense or banner implementations.

“Of course, publishers still need to work to lower their bounce rates; however, Exit Yield™ now allows them to profit from their bounced traffic,” explains Daniel Yomtobian. “Exit Yield™ is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to receive highly targeted traffic to their sites, for website publishers to monetize their exit traffic, and also for site visitors to be served exactly the type of information they’re searching for.”
Website owners interested in generating even more revenue from current site visitors can visit Advertise.com for more information.

About Advertise.com

Advertise.com is a premier platform for pay per click advertising, mobile display advertising, and remarketing solutions enabling advertisers to reach a wider audience through their extensive network of exclusive search and publisher partners. Leading the charge in online advertising since 2001, Advertise.com connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day – now delivering over 180 Million visitors to advertiser websites every month!

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