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Almighty.Press Launches Intelligent Trending Content Platform

Identify, curate, and schedule trending content. Before it’s trending.



Dec 19, 2016, 08:40 ET

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Almighty.Press announces the worldwide release of a groundbreaking trending content curation platform. Publishers can now identify, analyze, and publish content with viral potential faster than ever before.

“Our Almighty Force algorithm identifies trending content from the largest to the smallest of news sources within minutes of the content being published. This allows you to curate and track trending content before it is saturated and deliver it to your audience hours, if not days, before your competitors.” – Almighty.Press

Ride The Viral Wave
Whether you are a blogger, a journalist, an editor, or the news media, it is easy to see how important it is to cover a story before your competitors. Almighty.Press changes the game of viral content curation by automating the entire process, from identification to publication.

With Almighty.Press publishers can interact with an intuitive, easy to use platform that provides accurate and insightful data on the web’s trending content. The advanced Almighty Force algorithmic-based newsfeed can be customized to track specific groups of websites or specific verticals. Providing you with a filterable, clean, unedited, near real time overview of online content that’s trending in your niche.

Publishing content long before it has reached its maximum viral potential has never been easier. Now you can ride the viral wave from start to finish.

Conduct Analysis With Almighty Force
Never miss a trending topic again. Almighty.Press analyzes over 10 thousand news sources daily. The platform currently tracks historical engagement data for over two million news and blog articles each month.

Publishers are given the freedom and opportunity to customize the websites that Almighty.Press is tracking. The app will automatically add any domains searched that do not already exist. Imagine the potential possibilities that can arise from being able to track all of the trending topics covered by other influencers and competitors in your vertical.

This advanced, custom-built application goes far beyond simply sorting articles by the highest number of engagements. By using a fine-tuned intelligence engine the Almighty Force algorithm analyses numerous metrics of each and every page, assessing their true viral potential.

The results of this rigorous and complex analysis are displayed through the medium of an intuitive “Almighty Force Score.” With a single glance, you can view the viral potential of any page being tracked. This efficiency gain massively reduces the time required to make a decision on what to publish.

Seamless Publication
Full and seamless integration with WordPress, Medium and Tumblr is possible in just a few simple clicks. After locating content identified as having viral potential, you are then able to curate a new article directly to your blog. Full editing capabilities are provided. Allowing you to publish, schedule, or save the post as a draft without ever needing to leave the platform.

It is imperative to properly credit sources when covering trending topics. With Almighty.Press, source attribution is handled automatically. Every piece of content that you curate using the platform is programmatically accredited to the original source using industry standard citation notation.

See For Yourself
The team behind Almighty.Press are so confident in their product that they are providing fully functional free accounts for WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium users. This enables publishers, large or small, to actually see the power of the platform for themselves without ever taking out their credit card.

Viral content curation will never be the same again.

See the power of Almighty.Press for yourself, sign up for your free account at Almighty.Press

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Burton Lancaster

SOURCE Almighty.Press

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