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.app/.com cross-zone analysis

Today: GDPR VS UDRP / Strange .la registrations / Refund period for domain names / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Seeking short premium keywords for .ai & .app domains – Do you have any .ai or .app domains with premium keywords? This buyer can spend up to $20,000.00, so be sure to read their guidelines.

ProsperingBusiness.com – It sounds positive enough, but is there a market value for that? How much would you appraise it for?

$1 Any .com domain – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these .com’s. This buyer is ready to buy in bulk.

Refund period for domain names – Have you ever requested a refund on a domain you registered and changed your mind on? How did it go?

Strange .la registrations – Are you a .la investor? You might find this registration strategy interesting as it could devalue the extension if it’s for bad intentions.

GDPR VS UDRP – If you’ve been following UDRP’s and found them interesting, you’re going to want to check out the new GDPR as well. Things are getting shaken up a bit.

.app/.com cross-zone analysis – If you have been seeing all the hype lately regarding the new .app gTLD, this .app/.com cross-zone analysis will be of great interest to you.

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