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AppDomains.com – the First Online Marketplace for Premium App Domain Names

What’s in a name? The right one could be the key to success for app developers.

(PRWEB) September 12, 2013

Creating an app is the first step – but with two million+ in the big app stores most apps get lost in the crowd. So how can developers make their app stand out? Introducing AppDomains.com, the first online marketplace specialising in premium domain names for app developers.

“App developers increasingly realise the value of promoting an app via its own website”, says Charlie Coe of AppDomains. “Combining a relevant premium domain name with a focused app promotion website helps app creators to establish a strong presence outside the big app stores and provides a direct channel of communication with users.”

AppDomains.com features hundreds of highly desirable app domain names, all for sale or lease. Take entertainment as an example. If you’re a music app developer, there’s MusicApp.com. For movies, there’s MovieApp.com. For theatre, you’ve guessed it – plus theatre-related names such as MusicalApp.com and ShakespeareApp.com.

Sectors vary from Arts and Leisure; Fashion; Shopping; and Food and Drink; to Business; Finance; Professions; US states; World Cities; Pets; Publishing; and Sports. A complete list of domain categories is available at:http://www.appdomains.com/find-domains

“Your domain name is your identity on the internet. Choosing the right name will make it much easier for people to find and remember you,” adds Charlie. “A premium app domain name brings with it credibility, marketing benefits, an easy-to-find location and, in many cases, free and targeted visitors via type-in traffic”.

AppDomains.com isn’t just a marketplace. It also offers app marketing tips and help and advice on setting up an app promotion website (such as where to find great app website templates). The site aims to become a central resource for developers and businesses who understand the growing need to promote their apps outside the very overcrowded app stores. AppDomains is currently in public beta.

AppDomains.com in a nutshell:

  • Hundreds of memorable, premium app domain names
  • Advice on setting up an app promotion website
  • Links to great app website templates
  • App marketing help and tips

About AppDomains:

AppDomains.com is owned and operated by Dot31 Ltd, based in London UK. Dot31 researches emerging internet and mobile trends, with particular focus on the app market.

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