, a private domain name investment firm based in Irvine CA has acquired and

All major auto manufacturer is developing Self-Driving Technology.

Since the driver is considered the most expensive cost in the ride-sharing business, they might be replaced by autonomous taxis, with no driver.

The good news, for professional big rigs drivers…Start-up companies like is developing autonomous trucks that will utilize experienced truck drivers to remotely control big rigs from their home or a remote control center for the first and last mile.

In addition to driverless hardware and software, there is a large ancillary secondary market for products and services that support this technology.

Atomic247Domains is set up to handle the future of driverless vehicles with over 750 domains focusing on the ancillary secondary domain name market.

Markets like big rigs, car sharing, ev, financing, fleet, hybrid, jobs, leasing, loans, rental, shuttle, and more.

Atomic247 is open to offers and development opportunities.


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