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Batia Infotech Launches Beta Site for Marriage.com

Marriage.com is Dedicated to Becoming The World’s Largest Resource for Marriage

Batia Infotech, an information technology company that develops software and Internet businesses, today announced the launch of the beta site ofhttp://www.Marriage.com.

Marriage.com was previously operated as a website about weddings and getting married. Batia Infotech ceased all existing operations and Marriage.com has launched its new beta site this month as a website committed to providing information and a community that supports healthy, happy marriages.

“We are very excited to add Marriage.com to our Internet business portfolio,” says Sameer Bhatia, founder and principal of Batia Infotech. “Our ability to scale and build Internet businesses, combined with the power of the Marriage.com domain name, make us confident that Marriage.com will quickly become a trusted source of information and resources.”

“We have put a lot of work into planning a comprehensive resource for everything related to marriage,” says Malini Bhatia, founder and CEO of Marriage.com. “We are committed to adding value to every marriage by providing information and a community that supports healthy, happy marriages.”

Marriage.com released its new beta site with more than 200 high-quality articles surrounding issues related to marriage, and more are added every day. Topics range from getting a marriage license to building intimacy in marriage and managing infidelity. The company also hosts a lively forum on the topic of marriage and publishes topical blog posts ranging from celebrity marriage news to how married people might approach the recent Ashley Madison scandal.

Future plans for Marriage.com include adding an expert section containing pieces written by licensed therapists, psychologists and other professionals and building out additional resources and guides to serve married people.

About Batia Infotech
Batia Infotech is based in Los Angeles, California, and is an information technology company that develops software and Internet businesses. Its flagship property is ProProfs.com, the leading provider of comprehensive online tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. ProProfs.com hosts more than one million pieces of content in 70+ languages, and is a leading platform for online training and assessment with the world’s largest library of professional tests & quizzes. Batia Infotech acquired the domains Marriage.com (2014); ThisNext.com (2015); and StyleHive.com (2015). It also acquired HelpIQ in 2015, which it rolled into its ProProfs Knowledgebase product the same year.

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