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Become a Flippa Affiliate! Open to the Public!

Flippa just released a blog post announcing their new affiliate program they released last week is now open to the public! 30% seems to be a great commission rate. I am not seeing any banners available yet just one text link. Here is a live link that I just created. I hope they create some cool banners! Flippa.com

Flippa buyers and sellers love affiliate programs. How do we know? About 10% of sites listed on Flippa at any moment use affiliate sales as a main monetization method, and almost 400 people voted for the idea “Create a Flippa Affiliate Program” on UserVoice!

Our recent trips to the last two editions of Affiliate Summit proved that there was ample demand for a Flippa affiliate program. We launched our new affiliate program last week, and are now offering it to the public!

Affiliates will receive 30% of the combined listing and upgrade fees for sites listed via their affiliate link.

You can sign up for the Flippa affiliate program on ShareASale.com. Have questions about our program? Get in touch at affiliates@flippa.com

Join shareasale.com, Earn Cash!

If you’re already a Flippa affiliate, thank you! Please share a link to your site in the comments so we can stop by and say hello.


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