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Beginners Guide to Domaining 101

Today: Analyzing the sold domain history can benefit your investing strategy / NOT impressed with appraisals / NP.tv sold for $4,800! / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

New gTLD domain extensions and SEO/SEM – Does anyone have some data/statistics/research to share regarding new gTLDs and SEO? There are claims that it’s harder to get newly developed gTLDs to rank in search indexes. Is it true?

Music.ai sold for $101,500 – There’s nothing like a 6 figure .ai sales report to get your heart racing and blood pumping. When is the last time you saw a .ai like this sell for 6 figures?

Biller.biz – Do you think that .biz domains like Biller.biz have any value in today’s markets? I’m not really seeing value in this domain, but I could be mistaken. What am I missing?

NOT impressed with appraisals – Have you ever had a domain name that was appraised a lot lower than what it actually sold for? Do you think they were trying to devalue the domain to get it cheaper later or that they really didn’t know how to appraise the domain asset?

Analyzing the sold domain history can benefit your investing strategy – It’s a no-brainer that researching previous sales or similar sales of domain names can help in your overall evaluations of the assets you want to invest into or already own and trying to appraise.

NP.tv sold for $4,800! – Wow! Nice .tv ccTLD sale! .tv has been doing great over the last several years and does not seem to be affected by the flood of new gTLDs that hit the market.

Beginners Guide to Domaining 101 – If you are just starting out or need a refreshers checklist, you should check this out.  It’s important when you first get started in domain investing to avoid some of the common mistakes new investors make.

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