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“Bitcoin Network” Now Exceeds USD $110 Billion, “BitcoinNetwork.com” Exclusive Domain Asset For Sale

The World’s Largest Portfolio of Bitcoin & Crypto-related premium domain name assets is now for sale, by Never Lose Vision.

Never Lose Vision, a privately held global research hub and digital asset incubator, is pleased to announce the “worldwide exclusive” premium domain asset; “BitcoinNetwork.com” – in addition to the world’s largest crypto domain asset portfolio – are now officially being brought to market.


The Bitcoin Network (launched January 3, 2009) is a globally secure, decentralized cryptographic network which enables ‘peer-to-peer’ value transfer via a scarce digital asset; bitcoin [BTC] – often referred to as “crypto-currency”. The network enables, processes and secures global transactions [24x7x365] through a transparent and distributed public ledger or “block chain” – without the need of a third-party intermediary.

“Tens-of-millions of people around the world are very excited about the Bitcoin Network, largely in part thanks to the nearly USD $2 Billion in early-stage venture capital funding from Silicon Valley, NYC and Asia by technology visionaries and financial billionaire business moguls to help organize, legitimize and boost the two main top layers or consumer on-ramps; Bitcoin Wallets and Bitcoin Exchanges,” said Niko Younts, tech entrepreneur, research analyst and portfolio owner.

Now boasting a “network value” or market capitalization above USD $110 Billion, nearly tripling that of banking giant Barclays ($BCS $40 Billion), and recently surpassing both Morgan Stanley ($MS $88 Billion), and GoldmanSachs ($GS $93 Billion) – the Bitcoin Network is beginning to make serious leaps toward mainstream global adoption as a new innovative value transfer network, which simultaneously offers a new, hard-money or “digital gold” for the modern era.

“The network effect is undeniably, full-steam-ahead,” Younts added.

With any new technology there is a lot of public confusion, push back from controversial public-figures, and a laundry list of bad actors which directly dominos into consistent negativity and misinformation from mainstream media. A lot of the excitement and fear surrounding the industry fuels the bull-and-bear runs in the exchange rate of the [bitcoin] token which can seem outrageous to casual spectators. But there’s always two sides to every story. Japan recently classified bitcoin as ‘legal tender’ and lawmakers in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, have welcomed the development and use of [bitcoin wallets] – bitcoin. Most recently, U.S. based CME Group announced their ‘Bitcoin Futures Contract’ for December of 2017 which sent yet another positive bull wave through the industry.

At its very core, the Bitcoin Network operates the “Bitcoin” protocol which is based on mathematics via revolutionary open-source software, a fundamental breakthrough in computer science. Similar to HTTP, SMTP and SMS (which are also Internet protocols and used daily by billions of people around the world), Bitcoin provides an exciting new-step-forward as a major financial technology innovation hinged on the 1970’s landmark invention of public-key cryptography.

Younts adds, “Some people use ‘bitcoin wallets’ for remittances for cheaper and quicker transactions, others however, [buy bitcoin] as a hedge against their local fiat currency inflation [or hyper-inflation] in countries like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Greece, Cyprus, Argentina. And a growing number of users consider the ‘Bitcoin Asset Class’ revolutionary and are placing their ‘long-bets’ as a serious emerging competitor to Gold. On the other side of the fence, millions of others are using ‘bitcoin exchanges’ for real-time trading of the asset, similar to stocks, commodities and FX traders worldwide. The [bitcoin] 24 hour trading volume frequently exceeds USD $3-5 Billion. It’s a beautiful thing, while the industry is still in its infancy and can be quite confusing for new users, there is no ‘correct or incorrect’ use case, the technology simply works. And it’s definitely growing – against all odds – nine years and counting.”


In January of 2014, the BitcoinWallet[.com] asset sale for USD $250,000 set off a frenzy of new global research, ingited industry competition, and fueled acquisitions following mainstream media headlines. In the past few years tens-of-millions of dollars worth of crypto domain sales have been executed by savvy investors and executives in the space.

Recent noteworthy asset acquisitions include the BTC[.com] and Bitcoin[.com] sales for a reported USD $1M & USD $20M respectively, only after each participated in leases, sub-leases, and several project re-launches. Most recently, ETH[.com] – the Ethereum Currency abbreviation and ticker – sold for USD $2M, while Ethereum[.com] is currently listed for USD $10M in the premium domain aftermarket.


The portfolio can be viewed at: CurrencyEvolution.com

Reserve: 275 BTC [bitcoin]

The exclusive portfolio of nearly 1,200 premium ‘dot com’ bitcoin and crypto-currency domain assets have been strategically and professionally hand-selected, negotiated, acquired and organized since 2013 and boast millions of verifiable hits from web surfers from around the world. The portfolio of assets has recently shifted to the Coinbase affiliate program for monetization, specifically testing BitcoinNetwork[.com], BitcoinWallets[.com], and BitcoinAssetClass[.com] asset developments.

Industry-leading Premium Domain Asset Broker, Andrew Rosener, [CEO of MediaOptions] added, “In the last twelve months, domain names related to the crypto industry have gone from 0 – 30% of our entire domain sales. The sale of a portfolio such as Niko’s is unprecedented in this industry. One forward-looking company or investor is going to have any incredibly unique lock on some of the industry’s most important terms and keywords. The value of something like BitcoinNetwork[.com] or LitecoinWallet[.com] is only going UP!”


BitcoinNetwork[.com], BitcoinWallets[.com], BitcoinExchanges[com], BitcoinAssetClass[.com], BitcoinFuturesContract[.com], LitecoinWallet[.com], LitecoinMining[.com], EthereumCurrency[.com], EthereumWallets[.com], and many hundreds more.

Younts concluded, “I personally do not consider free bowls of candy at bitcoin conferences and tweet-storms on Twitter to be ‘savvy marketing’. I am of the opinion [digital] assets always win in a highly-competitive global and digital-first economy. Highly-targeted and unprovoked visitors who identify, trust, respect, engage and recall with an intuitive domain brands is representative of ‘twenty-five year’ best practices and a timeless competitive advantage. I consider this rare investment opportunity, although cliche’, sincerely a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ conversation.”

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