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Bob.Com, Premium Three Character Dot Com, Exclusively Available for Acquisition Through Domain Holdings Group

Press Release  updated: Nov 2, 2017 08:22 EDT

 ​​​​Today, Domain Holdings Group announced Bob.com is exclusively available for acquisition through Senior Domain Broker, Mark Daniel.

“It’s rare to come across a three letter dot com like this one. Not only does it have a great back story, it’s also a short, easy to pronounce dictionary word as well as a common first name,” said Daniel.

Bob.com’s legacy dates to the early 1990s at Microsoft, where “Bob” served as an interface comprised of a virtual house with various rooms. Items in the house could be clicked on to launch certain applications. This interface’s use was short-lived, but Microsoft still owned Bob.com.

Internet and domain pioneer Bob Kerstein was the rightful owner of the domain Windows2000.com. In 1998, Microsoft released the name of their next operating system, and Kerstein began discussions to sell the domain to Microsoft for an undisclosed amount. Microsoft agreed to purchase the domain, along with a few minor stipulations, and entertained Kerstein’s request to include the Bob.com domain in the transaction. After all, they were not using it, and the product associated with it was long gone. It was a perfect match!

Bob has held on to this domain for 20 years. Today, Bob.com promotes the sale of old stock and bond certificates, a business Kerstein started after encountering Confederate bonds. He began to “ponder the history behind the certificates. I realized the paper was part of the fabric of U.S. and financial history.”

When asked why he is selling Bob.com now, Kerstein says, “I am at the age of retiring and have had a great run with Bob.com for 20 years; it’s time to pass the torch along to someone else!”

Daniel says, “My main focus when selling three letter dot coms is to find companies that understand the value of owning a domain asset like this. Bob.com has incredible potential for existing companies as well as for a newly developed brand looking for instant credibility. It also works well as an acronym in many industries”

Bob has other domains which are being represented by Domain Holdings Group including SMOKED.COM, RAMBO.COM, EBITDA.COM, and many more.  

To inquire about Bob.com, or any other premium domains, please contact Mark at mark@domainholdings.com or 410-336-7254. Check out more about the history of Bob.com.

About Domain Holdings Group

Domain Holdings Group is a premium domain name brokerage company focused on providing first class service to buyers and sellers worldwide. Domain Holdings Group specializes in helping clients acquire and divest domain names. Domain Holdings Group is currently representing other premium domains for sale such as such as Uno.com, Island.com, Jones.com, University.com and more​.

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