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Domain perfect for fans of famous cartoon phenomenon, Betty Boop

NEWARK, N.J., July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Responding to the demand of both the domain name sales market and the worldwide famous cartoon phenomenon Betty Boop, is now on the market for sale! The domain gets its name from the die hard Betty Boop fans who lovingly call themselves Boopsters. This adorable character made her world debut onAugust 9, 1930 and has captured the hearts of millions ever since. This certainly proves Betty Boop and her brand name has endurance and longevity in the sales market.

Regarding just the potential for domain name profits in general, the online DNJournal, domain name sales reporting site, reported that just last week broke this years biggest sale to date selling to Canada’s Jade Mine Resources for$1,250,000 and knocked out of the top sales spot with its purchase price of $1.2 million in May.

Whomever is the owner of this site has the sky for the limit with potential film and television companies, web merchandisers as well as clothing and Betty Boop branding of all sorts. On top of the already strong subculture of Boopsters, is a veritable goldmine. If the above domain names sold for such large numbers, the domain named after the already famous and beloved Betty Boop could certainly surpass their sales price with all of the ancillary market possibilities associated with her brand.

Even the Canada Mobile phone trended Betty Boop in 2015. Betty Boop is going nowhere but up and is here to stay. She has proven that she has the staying power and her Boopster fans are loyal.

This domain name is being sold at for serious buyers because is destined for greatness in all areas of entertainment and merchandising. So for you potential buyers, don’t delay because Betty would have one thing to say to you and that is “Boop boop be doop.”


Jen Marchese


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