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Branding Keywords, Trusted Curation and Curated Branding

When a brand is too big for a single web address: Hashtags, Non-Com Domain Names and Missionlines – which promotes brand understanding best?


Mar. 10, 2016 / PRZen / SAN DIEGO — In her 2013 AdWeek article The Death of the Tagline: Flexible branding is the new name of the game, Denise Lee Yohn concluded that in order to survive, taglines must evolve into concise mission statements. In fall of 2013, the NFL and NBC mounted “Together We Make Football”, a drive that led straight to the Super Bowl. Joined in rapid succession by ‘GrilledLove.com’, ‘LifeWellPlanned.com’ and ‘WhyAmISoAwake.com’ campaigns, the marriage
of mission statement, tagline and dot-com address begged for a label. Art consultant Aldis Browne gave it one, and ‘Missionline’ entered the lexicon.


The goal of advertising is to drive to action. Over the past century, media and method have matured, but the formula for successful marketing has never wavered: tell it – yell it – sell it (brand + promotion = profit).

1906 N Y Times Masthead: “All The News That’s Fit To Print”
1916 Girl Guides, U. K. & Boy Scouts U.S.A.  Motto: “Be Prepared”
1926 Ford Motors Poster: “Cut Your Costs, Buy A Ford”
1936 Rice Krispies Packaging: “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”
1946 American Tobacco Co. Radio Ad: “Be Happy, Go Lucky Strike”
1956 Procter and Gamble TV Commercial: “Duz Does Everything”
1966 Disneyland One-liner: “The Happiest Place on Earth”
1976 Coca Cola Co. Jingle: “Things Go Better with Coke”
1986 Glad Products Co. Slogan: “Don’t Get Mad – Get Glad”
1996 Milk PEP Catchphrase: “Got Milk?”
2006 Las Vegas Tagline: “What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas”
2016 NFL/NBC Missionline: “TogetherWeMakeFootball.com”


As technology advanced, the radio bellboy’s cry of “Call For Philip Morris” evolved, first into visual messages produced for television, then to advertising designed for computer banners and LED billboards. Today, ads that compete for space as small as a watch face or mobile phone screen must be both memorable and interactive – witness Pfizer launching Prevnar13 with “GetThisOneDone.com”. The evolution of Missionline advertising is hardly surprising. Brand understanding is critical, economy of wording is a virtue and dot-com is king in a mobile advertising market estimated to top $100 Billion this year.


When a brand outgrows one single web address – when # and @ are too limiting – when Non-Com addresses are too confusing – branding keywords embedded in domain names can improve search engine optimization. An obvious web address is the best web address, brevity is a virtue, and dot-com is iconic. Missionlines convey brands’ promises and missions in an unforgettable way. Nothing surpasses recall to realize successful cross-platform advertising. Wherever they are read, seen or heard, dot-com Missionlines are easy to remember – can be redirected to open almost any web or social media page, blog and video – allow Twitter, MMS and SMS marketing – enable direct response – and provide compelling dot-com identity.


MISSIONLINES.com provides more than 4,000 domain names curated to set apart quality, services, lifestyles, luxuries and fine art. Branding promises, Missionlines develop the big picture, dot-com is universal. Under the hallmarks of TrustedBest.com and TrustedCuration.com, curated branding will revolutionize marketing for premier advertisers.

Maria Munroe
(858) 750-2115

Source: Missionlines.com

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