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Brandon Zehr Guest Post: Is Domain Parking Dead?

I have been asked this question more times than I can remember and my answer is always No! Domain Parking is still alive and working today. In fact it is making plenty of online entrepreneurs a nice chunk of change. Some are using old domains that they no longer use anymore to make money from Domain Parking and others are doing it by buying domains at auction. Probably the easiest way to get a good domain to help you make money in the Domain Parking world is to find a quality expired domains. You can do this buy going to sites like www.buyexpireddomains.info and finding expired domains with page rank, domain authority, traffic and other key metrics. This is probably the easiest way to find good domains to make some cash on.

Another good way to find good domains to park is to find keyword rich domains (exact match especially). These domains still rank high in Google despite what some people might say and if they are not taken already you can snatch them up from your favorite provider like Go Daddy. Try to focus on .com domains as these are the domains that give you the best opportunity to make money using Domain Parking (other extensions like .net work well too but .com is still king). One thing you must keep in mind is that you CANNOT promote your domain to gain traffic. So do not buy ad space or anything like that to try and drive traffic to your domain as it will only get you in trouble. It’s all about finding that domain that gets traffic without lifting a finger (true passive income). Hopefully this write up helps anyone interested in getting into Domain Parking and before I sign off I would like to debunk 2 important myths about Domain Parking. Enjoy!

#1. You can’t make money doing it. (This is completely false – you can make a ton of money in it)

#2. Google does not like domain parking! (Yes they do, they make a lots of money off it. If they disliked it so much why do they continue to support it?)

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