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Broker Commissions and the extra mile

Today: MM.at sold for $6,704 / What do YOU do to keep motivated? / Free .co.uk promo / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Buying SquadHelp Premium Names – Total Budget: $1,000.00 – If you have a bunch of SquadHelp listed domain names you want to liquidate in bulk that meet this buyers specified criteria, this might be an opportunity to do so.

Trademark issues when marketing names to Companies – What kind of experiences have you had when it comes to pitching domain names to companies with a similar trademark? Jump in on the discussion to see how other domain investor approach it.

MM.at sold for $6,704 – That’s not a bad domain name sales report for a two-letter .at ccTLD for a mid-four-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

Free .co.uk promo – If you have been debating on registering a new .co.uk ccTLD but on the fence when it comes to the price point, this opportunity for a free .co.uk registration might be what you’re looking for.

What do YOU do to keep motivated as a domain investor? – Every domain investor does it a little different and no one way will work for everyone. Take a look at what some domain investors do to stay motivated and compare notes.

Broker Commissions and the extra mile – Do you think that domain brokers are working hard enough and pricing their services good enough for a better success rate in investment returns? Take a look at what some domain investors are saying.

Today’s Marketplace/Auction Picks:

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