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Businesses Face Challenges From New Internet

The release of over 1000 new domain extensions will change the way businesses look at and market their business online. Expert guidance and quick and confident decision making will be necessary to help businesses build grow and protect their business online.

GTLD Domain Name consultants
GTLD Domain Name consultants

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 30, 2013 – WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A massive shift in the way consumers access and surf the internet is about to take place.  Thousands of new dotcom like extensions like .web, .hotel, .music and .nyc are soon to become a part of the internet ecosystem.

Each newly introduced Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD) extension will create thousands even millions of new Internet addresses like its counterparts .com and .org, .net, and .edu have done years ago.

Business owners will need quickly become educated to the issues and opportunities presented by a continous flow of new GTLD internet address says Scott Alliy President and CEO of Dotsperity.com a digital marketing consulting firm and owner of highly successful Internet businesses like FindaSeminar.com a Global Training Search Engine and KetMo.com http://www.KetMo.com an Aftermarket Domain Services providing Domain name sales and auction tools for buyers and sellers.

In order to succeed and prosper in the new Internet world business owners and corporate decision makers will need to raise and get answers to important business questions like …

Which GTLD extensions should I consider for my business?

Which keyword phrases within those GTLD extensions should I buy?

What keyword phrases should I consider to boost traffic?  Brand Awareness? Sales?

What GTLD extensions and keyword phrases should I own to protect my business and market space from competition?

The new GTLD based Internet is like a second chance for all businesses says Scott a domain name and Internet marketing expert.  Except this time aroun business owners have fifteen or more years of knowledge and Internet business experience and the talents of ecommerce and Internet marketing professionals from which to draw on to increase the value and accuracy of their decisions.

Scott suggests that business owners begin preparing for the new GTLD Internet immediately by reading the Domain Name Certifications Standards document at  http://bit.ly/19j4fgy.  The easy to read and understand Domain Name Certification Standards document outlines nine specific ways to measure the value of any domain name vs. your business needs.  Scott recommends that businesses who want to make better decisions be more competitive in the new read and digest then apply the doamin measurement standard to any domain name they are considering buying.

Scott and his team also invite business owners and corporate decision makers to visithttp://www.Dotsperity.com and contact their office to arrange a no obligation consultation to learn more about what they need to do in order to help their business compete and win in the new GTLD Internet era new and get the edge on the competition


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