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Buying A Pronounceable 4L.com – Up to $5k+

Today: I need domains containing the word “Studio” / Looking for domain name broker / Ethex.com Sold for $9,110 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for Domain Suggestion tool – What domain name suggestion tools or strategies do you use? Share your tools or strategies with other investors and compare note with what they are using.

Eric Lyon article on Motivational Theory Of Drive Reduction – If you need a motivational pick me up to drive you forward to success, this might just do it for you. It was a very interesting read.

Adulates.com – I don;t think it has a meaning, but it seems brandable enough. Does that give it automatic value, though? How much do you think it’s worth?

Ethex.com Sold for $9,110 – A motivational sale to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Are you ready to make your next sale? Now is the time!

Looking for domain name broker – Are you a domain asset broker specializing in legal related domain names? This domain investor has a legal related domain and seeking a qualified broker like yourself.

I need domains containing the word “Studio” – If you have ant studio domain names you may want to check this investors buying criteria. It could be a quick $500.00 sale for you if you have what they need.

Buying A Pronounceable 4L.com – Up to $5k+ – Be sure to triple check your portfolio for a pronounceable four letter .com. This buyer can spend up to and maybe over $5,000.00 for the right one.

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