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Buying Crypto + Keyword .com domains – $5k Budget

Today: I’m investing in brandable domain names / Looking to buy VR+LL – 4L .com / 77298.com sold for $4,599 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Creating backlinks to your domain asset – Do you have a foolproof and easy way to build quality backlinks to a domain asset to help boost value/revenue?

Showcase your majority domain names – Are you investing in any “Majority” niche domain name assets? If you have a good one to show off or want to see what others are buying in this niche, you have to check this out.

EducationNews.tv – I’ve been seeing some interesting .tv ccTLD sales the last few months. Do you think this one could sell like the others have or is it too long for a .tv to generate interest?

77298.com sold for $4,599 – Have you ever sold a five number .com domain for mid-four digits? This one should get you motivated if you are investing in the five number niche.

Looking to buy VR+LL – 4L .com – Do you happen to have one of this VR+LL four letter .com domain names in your portfolio you want to sell?

I’m investing in brandable domain names – Check your portfolio to see if you have any brandable domain name assets that fit this buyers guideline. It might mean some quick cash for you today.

Buying Crypto + Keyword .com domains – $5k Budget – Be sure to triple check your portfolio for one of these crypto + keyword .com domain names. You could be $5,000 richer if you have the perfect one they need.

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