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Buying Exact Match Keyword Jobs .COM Domains

Today: HostOfficer.com – Your appraisal, please / Please appraise KOINAI.com / The best extension for Crypto domains / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Showcase your .TRADE Domain Names – Are you a .trade domain name investor? Do you have a few .trade investments you feel is premium? Share them with other like-minded investors.

Do you think .Co.in is a good extension for all Crypto – If you like hacks, you would probably agree that .co.in domains could be perfect for crypto coin domains. If not, then you may have a good reason why. Share why you do or do not like the idea.

Propagation Times for DNS settings – Are you familiar with DNS (Domain name server) propagation times and it’s process? If so, share your experience with others.

The best extension for Crypto domains – Are you a cryptocurrency domain name investor? What is the best selling extension for crypto you have seen?

Please appraise KOINAI.com – Is it pronounceable? That makes it brandable, right? How much would you appraise this domain for?

HostOfficer.com – Your appraisal, please – What do you think about a “Host Officer”. Maybe a host with a bodyguard? Or maybe a security official of a hosting company? How much is a domain like this worth?

Buying Exact Match Keyword Jobs .COM Domains  – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these job domain names. This investor is ready to buy.

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