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Buying Pronounceable 4L.com’s

Today: Buying 3 letter .io / I need domains every day / World’s Shortest Domain for investing / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

How often do you hand-register domain names? – Are hand registered domains a dead strategy for investors these days? It seems that the aftermarket is the most popular way to go now. Thoughts?

3n2Sports.com for $9,327 – Umm… This is a weird one to have sold for low four digits. Would you have guessed it would sell for that much?

Regg.ae – An interesting domain hack, for sure. But does it have value in today’s markets?

World’s Shortest Domain for investing – What are some of the world’s shortest brandable domain names with liquid value that are cost effective yo invest into?

Buying 3 letter .io – Need up to $150.00 and have a few three letter .io ccTLD domains laying around? See if they meet this buyer guideline for a fast sale/

I need domains every day – If you have a bunch of unwanted domain you have no plans to renue in your portfolio and want to make some quick cash for them, this buyer will take them off your hands.

Buying Pronounceable 4L.com’s – Be sure to triple check that portfolio of yours for a pronounceable four letter .com. This buyer is ready to invest up to $1,500.00 each.

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