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Buying single word .com domains

Today: Buying domains in bulk / Looking for NNNNNN.COM 6L.COM / You need to avoid this mistake at all costs / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Reversed word domain names and their floor value – Do you have any data or research you can share with reverse word domain names? Is there value in this niche and if so, what factors are you looking for in them to invest?

117.tv sold for $1,200! – Another four digit .tv ccTLD sales report to keep you motivated. You have to love all the four-digit sales in the .tv extension lately.

GoYes.com – Is this supposed to mean something? Is there any value in a domain name like this one where the grammar is bad and the meaning is confusing?

You need to avoid this mistake at all costs – This new investor bought 40 domain names without doing any research and is now stuck with them, unable to sell. Be sure you don’t fall down the same rabbit hole.

Buying domains in bulk – Be sure to check your portfolio for any domain names you are thinking about dropping or no longer want. This investor is buying in bulk and ready to everything off your hands you don’t want anymore.

Looking for NNNNNN.COM 6L.COM – Double check your domain portfolio for a six number .com. This investor is looking for all the ones you have in your portfolio.

Buying single word .com domains – Be sure to triple check your portfolio for a single word .com domain name. This buyer is geared up and ready to buy at reseller pricing.

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