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Calling on you for help.

How is everyone doing this morning? We have been very busy here at TNTNames the last few days trying to find a domain for a start up company that wants to start a private family social network. At this juncture they have turned their noses up at some great domains that we have presented to them.These guys are looking for something that stands out. Their budget is high and I am calling out to you guys to send me some domains with prices and see what happens. At this point they are frustrated that we cannot deliver a domain that fits their needs.

So if you have a killer one word dictionary domain and want to sell it in the mid $xx,xxx range shoot us an email via our contact page here: http://www.tntnames.com/contact I will charge a 10% brokers fee if we can get a deal made. Their criteria is far from simple for the budget. Short, memorable, a dictionary word or domain hack that will be the cream of the crop.

So if you have something let us know. We will work it out from there. I do not have examples because I dont think these guys really know what they want. I figured lets give this a try and see where it goes and whose got something that may interest them. Thanks for reading and hopefully something will come of this!

So in a nutshell these criteria must be met:

Dictionary word – No made up words

Must be a .com unless its a great domain hack

Must be catchy, memorable

Family Orientated for a social network

Also geared towards social apps for android and iphone

Please email these to me and do not post them in the comments section


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