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Cannabis.Net Launches Third Round Of Funding For Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors

The legal cannabis and marijuana niche is hot, and investment interest from venture capital firms and angel investors is high. Cannabis.Net, a highly ranked URL and web portal for all things cannabis and marijuana based, is opening a third round of funding in order to keep up with traffic and investment demands. “The URL Cannabis.Net is one of the 4 god-father URLs in the niche,” explained managing director, Curt Dalton. “Our social network is exploding, our traffic growing, and we plan on being the main cannabis and marijuana social network and portal on the Internet,” finished Dalton.

Cannabis.Net is considered one of the top 4 most valuable domains in the marijuana and cannabis industry. As worldwide traffic increases online for the subject and legal issue resolve around the world, Cannabis.Net is in prime position to capitalize on this incredibly hot investment area. “There are many invest areas right now getting funding in the cannabis and marijuana niche, but we feel the opportunity online with one of the 4 most powerful domains in the segment is just a great opportunity going forward. The site currently has state of the art mapping, a full blogging network, a full social network that is growing each day, a world class marijuana strain guide, and a full B2B suite built for dispensaries, doctors, lawyers, smoke shops, and vapor stores,” said Dalton.

For more information about legal cannabis or marijuana industry or for information about investing in Cannabis.net, please email curt(at)cannabis.net

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