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CloudBasedServers.com and other TNTnames.com picks for the Sedo Great Domains Auction!

Welcome back to TNTnames.com! We wanted to let you know that one of our domains that we own has made it in this months Sedo’s Great Domains Auction! The Auction started today and lasts until April 26th at 12pm EST. We have set a low reserve for this premium domain to attract more bidding on it! We hope it sells for a great price!

Please click the link below to check out the auction!


We also have some of our favorite picks in the auction. The following names are not our domains but we believe these names will sell for some great prices!
All information below is as of April 19th 10:00 PM EST.

Drill.com – 1 bid – Current high bid – $15,000 USD
Zimbabwe.com – 4 bids – Current high bid – $11,000 USD
HBB.com – 6 bids – Current High Bid – $10,600 USD
YALI.com – 1 Bid – Current High Bid – $10,000 USD
Herbal.com – 2 Bids – Current High Bid – $540 USD
LLL.net – 2 Bids – Current High Bid – $1100 USD

Some great names with no bids yet:
CloudBasedServers.com 🙂

Please click the link below to bid on the domains in the this months Great Domains Auction!


The TNTnames.com staff!

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