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.CLUB Set for Its Largest China Domain Auction to Date on 4.cn

8.Club and More Offered as Chinese Investors Scramble for Prestigious Online Real Estate
HANGZHOU, CN–(Marketwired – March 02, 2016) – 8.club, along with 24 other two-number domain names, including 11.club., 44.club, 55.club, 99.club and more, are set to go to auction on 4.CN, China’s leading domain auction platform and the largest domain marketplace in the country. Bidding will open on March 7th, 2016 at 5pm in China (4am Eastern) and the auctions will have staggered end dates from March 21 through 24th. All of the names will be offered with no reserve, so all 25 domains being auctioned are expected to be sold.
Over the past year, China has emerged as the world’s largest buyer of domain names, resulting in what is likely the biggest story in domain-name investing since the gold rush when the Internet began. .CLUB, which is currently a best-selling and the most used new domain extension on the Internet today, has seen a significant spike in registrations from China with more than 420,000 of its domains having been registered in China and more than US$2 Million in .CLUB premium name sales to Chinese investors in just the past few months. For example, 5.club sold for more than US$58,000 to a Chinese investor at an auction in December.
This portfolio of .CLUB domains in the 4.cn auction is expected to generate a great deal of interest, as numbers have significant cultural meaning in China, with repeating numbers seen as very lucky. The word for “eight” sounds similar to the word that means “prosper” or “wealth” and carries a meaning of success and fortune. Coupling numbers with short, recognizable and meaningful extensions like .CLUB brings high value, as the word “club” is recognized, used and has meaning across the world, including throughout China.
“The strong demand we’ve been experiencing in China, especially for short numeric domain names, should make this auction on 4.cn very exciting,” said Colin Campbell, founder and CEO of .CLUB Domains. “Investors see these names as more than domains. They are a valuable and increasingly liquid currency, and they are in limited supply. We are also honored that 4.cn has selected .CLUB to be the first ever dedicated new domain extension to have its own auction on 4.cn.”
Participation in the auction is easy in either English or Chinese as 4.cn is a fully bi-lingual platform. To register in English, click here.
The complete list of names that will be offered in the 4.cn .CLUB auction:

8.Club 13.Club
11.Club 17.Club
19.Club 67.Club
25.Club 71.Club
35.Club 73.Club
44.Club 78.Club
45.Club 83.Club
47.Club 86.Club
52.Club 87.Club
55.Club 91.Club
56.Club 94.Club
59.Club 99.Club

For times and other details about the auction please visit www.nic.club/auction
About .Club Domains, LLC
Led by Internet entrepreneur Colin Campbell, whose prior successes include Tucows Interactive and Hostopia.com, .Club Domains, LLC was formed for the purpose of becoming the .CLUB gTLD registry. The company also launched Startup.club to support entrepreneurs building businesses around a .CLUB domain name. With more than 720,000 domain names sold to date .CLUB leads the pack of new domain extensions in sales and usage. More information and links to register .CLUB domains are available now at http://www.get.club.
For more information, please contact:

Bridgette King
.Club Domains Public Relations

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