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.CO Sales Remain Stong in September!

.Co domain countine to sell at pretty decent prices. These do not count the unreported sales which there are plenty of those. I do believe that .Co domain names will countine to do very well. There are already three stories today alone on Domaining.com’s news feed about companies that have rebranded themseles to the .CO Namespace. I also know there have been other sales of .Co’s that havent been reported. Many of these domains are sold in the Domain Forums like FreeDomainForum.com and all of the Facebook domain groups.

The .co domains sold via Facebook domain groups were just reported here: Domains Sold on Facebook The two latest .Co sales in the Facebook groups were TaxiRank.co and Legalize.co. I have listed all of the .CO sales reported for the month of September. As you can see the market is strong. There are some high numbers here and I predict that .Co sales in October will increase.

Also please post your .Co sales in the comments section so our readers can get a better understanding of what I am talking about. You dont have to disclose the price you bought or sold a .co for unless your are comfortable releasing that information. At least let us know the domain name sold! We would love to hear from you guys and your successes with .Co so far!

ESL.co – $3,870
DMZ.co – $1,250
Need.co – $5,000
Seed.co – $15,000
Cinema.co – $13,000
iShot.co – $4,000
Cruises.co – $82,500
TNC.co – $1,500
Badger.co – $1,000
Rocket.co – $16,000
Roads.co – $6,666

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