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Codes! Codes! Codes!

Below you will find the latest list of godaddy coupon codes. I have also listed places that update their sites where you can find more codes! Hopefully you can save a few bucks with these! 🙂

Here are a couple of places where I go to find the discount codes I need when I have my shopping cart up ready to buy. First one of my favorite places to get the latest codes is the Godaddy Facebook group which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoDaddy.coupon.codes/ I am not sure if you have to be a member to see what people are finding but its always been my first place to go. Second here is an interesting place to get some codes. I used some today from here: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/725207/ 

www.DomainersNetwork.com also had a domain codes section that is updated at least once a week. Here is the direct link to all of the domain codes (These are not just godaddy codes, Other registrars are listed here:


Here is DNForum.com’s godaddy discount codes thread. I find many of these on the forum!


All godaddy codes have been validated working unless previously used.

(.99)  CJCRMN99C

(.99) GOFDCCA43

(.99) FBTGT1

(.99) FBTGT2

(.99) FBTGT3

(.99) FBTGT4

(.99) FBTGT5

(.99) FBTGT6

(.99) FBTGT7

(.99) FBTGT8

(.99) FBTGT9

(.99) FBTGT10

(.99) 99LUX

(1.99) CJCRMN199

(1.99) SCHOOL

(1.99) 199NUTS

(1.99) CJC199

(4.00) CJC4FP

(4.29) iAP4C

(2.49) CJC249A

(2.95) GAME295

(3.00) CJCRMN3CP

(3.00) CJC3CP

(1.99) GOFHBS011

(1.99) SMRT199A

(1.99) SMRT199B

(1.99) SMRT199C

(1.99) SMRT199D

(1.99) SMRT199E

(50% off Hosting) CJCFW50HN

(40% Off .com, .ne or .org) GDBBREN8

(30% Off .CO) GDBBE994


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