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Compass.com with a $1 Million Dollar Bid on Sedo?

Thanks to Andrea Logan from DomainingBrokerage.com for the tip on this story! It appears that Compass.com has a $1 million dollar bid on Sedo! There are 5 days 19 hours and 29 minutes left in this auction at the time of this post. I have added some info that is on the auction page below:

“compass” receives 5,000,000 global searches per month. Save yourself tons of time, money and headache by buying compass.com and get instant permanent FREE organic traffic: 45,000+ unique visitors per month of FREE organic traffic with no paid traffic or advertising. You can build out the site. At an average $1.65 that is $74,250 of free traffic per month that you don’t have to pay for and equal to over $891,000 a year of free advertising.

We will keep a close eye on this one to see if there will be any other bidders. You can see check it out for yourself here:
Link to the Sedo.com auction for Compass.com

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