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Data Exchange Acquires TPV.com Domain To Expand Third Party Verification

TPV.com provides 3rd Party Verification services for Energy & Utilities, Loan Closings, Property Leases and Employee Agreements

Data Exchange Inc. the industry-leading provider of independent Third Party Verification (TPV) services has acquired the domain name TPV.com.

Lynn Mitchell, President of Data Exchange, says, “The price of a three letter domain name in todays market is substantial, but we could not pass up the opportunity to own TPV.com. It’s the actual acronym for both the service we provide and our industry as a whole. It represents a sizable investment in our future and certainly makes a statement about the confidence we have in the credibility and marketability of the domain, our services and our leadership position as a TPV provider.”

TPV.com joins a long list of short and memorable domain names that have sold this year for six-figure prices. You can review a list of transactions here: http://www.dnjournal.com/ytd-sales-charts.htm.

Mitchell added, “Our new web address is very memorable and will enhance our brand recognition. It aligns well with our new marketing initiatives and makes it easier for our clients and their end-users to locate us and learn about the value of our services.”

Data Exchange, Inc. recently launched a rebranded website at TPV.com that highlights the value of third party verifications for both the consumer and the corporations that employ independent third party verifications as a best-practice.

About Data Exchange, Inc.

Data Exchange Inc. is a provider of independent third party verification services across multiple markets including telecom, energy, insurance, financial, leasing and human resources. Data Exchange aides its customers by uncovering and addressing potential issues before they can develop into problems, verifying contractual terms and conditions of agreements and provides a first layer of defense to help resolve disputes quickly and cost effectively. Data Exchange focuses exclusively on third party verification services and has since its inception in 1997. You can learn more about Data Exchange at their current website located at DXC-Inc.com.

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