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Did Pur Food’s Purchase PureFoods.com for $150,000?

Not sure if this is true or not, but there is a press release out there that says that Pur Foods purchased PureFoods.com for $150,000. I will say press releases do not mean what is said in them is true. What I have an issue with is that this press release says the word “alleged” Read it and let me know (Comment below) what you think. If it really did sell for this much then congrats to both the buyer and seller!  The press release is below:

Pure Foods Officially Acquires Pur Foods To Secure a Fast-Growing Health Conscious Market

March 1, 2017 – Based on years of successful business, both in real life and internet market, the official PureFoods.Com domain is now acquired by ‘PurFoods’ at an alleged $150,000 rate. The decision was made after seeing an immense amount of growth in consumer market, and related keyword search for the terms: Pure Food and Pur Food – convening organic traffic to the company’s old domain/ website.

According to one of the core founders of Pur Foods, the strategy to acquire the new domain: PureFoods.com, was for the long-term benefits of customers who are looking for 100% pure organic food items on the internet. This acquisition was deemed necessary as per growing competition, copyright standards and constantly evolving market demands.

It was also felt necessary to officially acquire Pur Foods and later on make a public announcement to put a brief end to any confusion for customers as they are often misleading to third party websites claiming to be partners with Pur Foods.

The customer eccentric business model has made it a priority to avoid any discrepancy between company, domain and business names. Seeing that there are already too many internet based food websites, it was a bit difficult to remain visible within communities that really matter at times. Therefore, Pure Food is seen as the perfect addition as a valuable domain & keyword name, which would eventually sustain business efficiency in years to come.

All thanks to company’s marketing staff, the new acquisition is being celebrated by offering a long range of fresh food products at the www.PureFoods.com website.

About PurFoods:

PurFoods is a dedicated organic food company known to ensure 100% customer satisfaction through fresh readymade food items. The company caters to the needs of various organizations, offices, and residential infrastructure by supplying cooked products at a large scale with unprecedented detail to hygiene and health standards.

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