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Did this guy help you make your last end user sale?

Ever sold a domain name and wondered how the end user found you? It just may have been courtesy of something they read in one of thousands of domain news articles that Scott Alliy president / CEO of domain reseller Ketmo.com has been writing and publishing for years.

Scott who is an accomplished copywriter has written and published hundreds of domain name news articles on their company owned PR site AddPR.com and on multiple other other free and paid press release sites over the last 15 years.

What most domainers may not know is that Scott has been investing in domain names since the mid 1990s putting him In small group of domainers who have committed themselves to our industry for more than 17 years. His company owns over 2700 domain names of all types including the largest collection of GTLD dotcom names available anywhere and listed at GTLDsuperstore.com.

Says Scott, I am glad to use my skills to help all domainers by telling the world about the power and value of a high quality domain name that they can use to start grow and protect their business.

Scott advises domainers interested in end user sales to visit www.Ketmo.com and read, remember, and use the certified domain name value points viewable by clicking domain the KetMo Certified link on domain names listed for sale at KetMo.com.

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