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Diesel.net – Domain Name Available for the First Time



08:30 ET

LISBON, Portugal, May 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Diesel.net, an incredibly unique and valuable piece of intellectual property registered since 1997, is now publicly available for the first time ever.

The diesel industry contributes more than $480 billion annually to the U.S. economy, provides more than 1.25 million jobs, and supplies a substantial export-to-value ratio five times higher than the national average.

The top-tier Diesel keyword is recognized around the world and encompasses many services, including fuel, engines, freight, agriculture, mining, construction industries, and much more. Diesel.net is highly marketable and offers a unique branding opportunity to capitalize on a universally recognized keyword that covers a broad range of industries and business sectors.

Any leading business offering diesel-related services or products and looking to increase their online and offline presence could benefit from exclusive ownership rights to the domain Diesel.net.

Owning the exact keyword match domain that directly relates to your business is powerful for branding, credibility, and memorability. Domain names that are easy to remember promote word-of-mouth advertising and can easily be integrated into marketing campaigns and branding. There are few better investments than the acquisition of a credible, premium domain name; it is a one-time investment in exchange for permanent benefits.

Mr. Luc Biggs, the CEO of KEY DOMAINS, is the exclusive seller of Diesel.net and is currently selling other premium domain assets such as Napkin.com

Interested parties can contact Mr. Biggs, via email 157168@email4pr.com, 00351 915 129 084


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