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Domain Asset Taxes And How To File

Today: The ethics of scraping data to develop domain names with / .CC – As A Cryptocurrency Extension / Helping fellow domain investors / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Outbound domain sales – email format – Have you used an outbound domain sales email format like this one before? It looks like it might work, but will it work for anyone or various niches?

Alternate domain name payment method – Have you ever tried using this method of gaming payments for domain name assets? How logical and secure would it be to apply the same principles to domain assets?

BrownPurse.com – What kind of value does a color version of a purse have in .com? Does one color have more value than another color? With that said, how much is BrownPurse.com worth?

Helping fellow domain investors – Have you ever helped another domain investor for nothing in return? Did they thank you for it or did they become suspicious of your help and think you were trying to scam them?

The ethics of scraping data to develop domain names with – Do you think it’s ethical to scrape a website for data to use in a new domain name development? What kind of legal issues do you think someone would run into doing this?

.CC – As A Cryptocurrency Extension – It sounds logical. There are campaigns for other ccTLDs promoting them as something other than what they really are. What are your thoughts about .cc standing for cryptocurrency?

Domain Asset Taxes And How To File – Are there any intellectual property tax experts in the audience today? Please share your experience with domain asset taxes so other investors can be prepared for real-world financial responsibility.

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