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Domain hoarders anonymous

Today: Visit The Domain You’re Buying Before You Buy It / Reinitiating failed domain transfers / 22278.com Sold for $13,750 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for .com wireless/signal related domain (Up to $15k) – Could you use $15,000.00 in your wallet? Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these domain names. This investor is ready to spend.

TravelPlan.tours – Are you investing in new gTLDs or specifically, .tours domain names? If so, maybe you have a good idea of what TravelPlans.tours would be worth in today’s markets.

StoreMember.com – I’m not sure a domain like this has much use or any value for that matter. What would you appraise this domain name asset for?

NamesCon Europe 2018 – Let’s see a show of hands from everyone that will be attending NamesCon Europe 2018. Don’t be shy. Get on over to the discussion and let other people know you’ll be there.

Visit The Domain You’re Buying Before You Buy It – Have you ever bought a domain and then found out later you paid ten times more than what it was listed for at another marketplace by the same seller? Be sure to check a domain name completely before buying to save money.

22278.com Sold for $13,750 – Now there is a great five number .com sale for an easy five digits. I wonder how much they paid for the domain initially?

Reinitiating failed domain transfers – Have you ever started a transfer, accidentally canceled it, and then tried to start a new transfer? Did the domain get stuck in limbo or did it take weeks to finally go through?

Domain hoarders anonymous – Are you a domain hoarder? Would you even admit it if you were? You might just need some domain hoarders anonymous in your life.

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