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Domain investing lessons are being learned!

Today: Domain Investing 101 / To BIN or not to BIN / Trademark infringement / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Crypto / Blockchain / Brandpa / .TV names wanted – Be sure to check your portfolio for one of these domain assets. This investor is looking to buy!

Shill bidding galore – How do you identify and avoid shill bidding auction for domains you were interested in buying? Is there an easy way to identify them? Compare your notes with others to see who has the best strategy.

GetWriter.com – I’m not sure why they invested into this one. It doesn’t flow off the tongue at all. Are domains like GetWriter.com worth anything in today’s market?

Domain Investing 101 – Now this is an interesting way to teach yourself how to be a good domain investor. Have you ever created your own courses by studying discussions others had like this investor did?

Trademark infringement – Is it really, or is it a reverse hijack attempt? You be the judge! How do you feel about trademark topics like this one? If you have any helpful experience that can benefit the discussion, be sure to share.

To BIN or not to BIN – How do you feel about using a buy it now (BIN) in a fixed price listing or having a buy it now (BIN) as an option in an auction? Does it prove to help with better sales?

Domain investing lessons are being learned! – Do you remember when you were a new investor in the domain space and made several costly bad investment mistakes? This new investor is learning just like you did.

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