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Domain Investor Request! I have a buyer looking for CHIPS, Please submit your names!

I put out a call yesterday for domain investors and received a lot of feedback. Thanks everyone for sending over your emails. I really enjoyed talking with you all. Here is my buyers request.

Vertical: CHIPS LLLL.com LLL.net CVCV.com
Budget Range: up to $25,000 USD for multiple domain

Buyer is looking for the current going rates for wholesale prices.


Please submit your names that fit the criteria above to  tntnames(@)cox.net. I will submit your names to the buyer as first come first served basis, please also include your budget.

I am not charging any fees for any successful sale. I will however also submit any names I may have that fit this criteria but for this instance I do not have any names that I will submit to this buyer as I do not have any CHIPS.

Thanks everyone!


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