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Domain Name Renting And Leasing

Today: Floor value on aged 3 character domains / Laxiu.com sold for $2,439 / Why do you want to buy this domain name? / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Wanted: Old websites – Do you have any old websites laying around you don’t need anymore? Be sure to check out this buyers criteria to see if you have what they are looking for.

Need a broker to help sell domains – Are you looking to make some sales commission brokering domains? Check out this investors domains and see if you think you can sell them for them.

Buying up to 3 characters in any extension – Need a quick $500.00 bucks in yur pocket? Check out this investors requirements to see if you have the perfect three character domain they need.

Why do you want to buy this domain name? – How would you respond to this question after opening negotiations for that perfect investment you think you can break the bank with?

Floor value on aged 3 character domains – Have you been following the three character .com market for a while? Share your thoughts on the three letter .com floor value with others and see what other investors think the value is.

Laxiu.com sold for $2,439 – Not a very big domain names sales report, but still a motivational one. Laxiu is pronounceable and brandable, which is more than whit it pulled a low four digit sale.

Domain Name Renting And Leasing – Have you ever considered renting or leasing one of your domain name assets? What kind of research did you do on it? Share your research with others and compare notes.

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