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Domain Name Second Chance Program Means Potential Profit From Expiring Domain Names

Stop throwing away money and valuable domain names and start profiting from expiring domain names you were about to walk away from advises KetMo.com CEO and creator of new second chance domain name sales program.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun. 20, 2013 – WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — “Not so fast” is the advice that Domain industry veteran and President of Domain name reseller KetMo.com has for domain investors that are thinking of dropping their domain names and walking away from their investment with a loss.

Second Chance Domain Sales Program
Scott, an innovate thought leader and successful entrepreneur has created a second chance program to help domainers create profit opportunities from expiring domain names they were ready to write off. Although he can’t recall specific incidents Scott is pretty confident that one or more domain names that he has walked away from over the years by letting it drop or expire and that have entered into the domain aftermarket where they have been bought and produced profits for the new owners.
The new second chance domain services being offered by ketmo.com provides domain owners with qualified domain names the opportunity to earn fifty percent of the price of a sale of any name they enter and that is accepted into the program and that sells within 12 months.
In order to submit names to KetMo.com for consideration of entry into the second chance domain sales program individuals must be current members at KetMo.com or create a free member account.

Additionally domain owners that wish to submit expiring domain names for consideration must agree to sell their domain name to KetMo.com for registration fee and transfer their domain name to the designated KetMo.com account as instructed.

Once KetMo.com obtains possession of the qualified domain property the sales marketing team will initiate actions aimed at getting the name exposed to qualified buyers. There are several reasons to consider submitting names to the second chance program instead of letting them expire but perhaps the best is that KetMo.com has the tools and team and skills necessary to market your names and locate a buyer something most domain investors that drop names were unable to do themselves.

There are several reasons for domain owners to get super excited about the exclusive new second chance domain sales program from KetMo.com says Scott but the most exciting reason is the thought that a domain owner could actually make money, perhaps a lot of money from a situation that they initially were prepared to walk away from and lose money.

Some of the many reasons that our Second chance domain sales program will work says Scott are

Highly selective Process – We only intend to accept domain names that we feel will sell within the next year

Domain Sales Skills – KetMo.com is enjoying rising popularity and respect in the domain investor community and receiving an ever increasing number of indexed search pages and qualified visitors to the website.

Multiple Sales Channels – AIS the parent company of KetMo.com also owns Dotsperity.com, Unibrands.co, ecominvestments.com, domainsavailablenow.com, GTLDMall.com, GTLDCoach.com, Qualidots.com and many other sites in a growing network of sites where domain buyers may be looking for a name like the one you are considering dropping for a loss.

“Don’t let another valuable name drop and risk the agony of seeing someone make big bucks on your initial idea and investment” says Scott. Instead run your expiring domain names by our qualified domain agents for consideration and possible entry into the second chance domain program and if accepted your could turn your financial losses into potential financial gains instantly.

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