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Domain Research and Threat Investigation tools

Today: Domain Research and Threat Investigation tools / Newly Sold Hand Registered Domains / VQX.com sold for $11,578 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Show Me Your .Tips! – Are you investing in new gTLD .tips domain names? What have you own or recently purchased that you want to show off? Check out what others are buying.

Researching domain names in a time of GDPR – With whois information being blocked more and more by registrars, how do you go about verifying the owner of a domain before sending them money?

Puzzlesky.com – What does it mean? I think they were going for the playful and brandable angle, but I’m not sure it works. What would you value this domain name for?

VQX.com sold for $11,578 – There’s nothing like waking up to a five digit domain name sale in the morning. I’m a little surprised this three letter .com didn’t sell for more though.

Domain Research and Threat Investigation tools – There’s some really nice tools and resources listed here. Are you using any of these or know of some that haven’t been listed yet?

Newly Sold Hand Registered Domains – Have you recently sold a hand registered domain name asset? Share what you sold to inspire others and compare notes on what hand registered domains are selling.

Domain/website analytics can be deceiving – This was an interesting read about some of the deceptions you find in domain and website analytics. Have you ever identified this deception?

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