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Domain Stats Drive Marketing Efforts – Company Introduces New Techniques

Scottsdale, AZ — (SBWIRE) — 05/07/2013 — Domain stats are more often the most important yet the most ignored aspect in online marketing. They provide webmasters with the ammunition needed to push the company’s rank and see instant results. They provide the foundation to create a marketing campaign that is yielding and at the same time is based on real time results. A company that wishes to inform their clients about this and provide them with timely assistance is InfoStats, an expert in domain stats.

Clients who sign up for the deals on this website can access domain information, review their key performance parameters and, in essence create a new outlook that will help them channelize their resources in a manner that gives them the opportunity to build a strong online presence. InfoStats has the right knowledge and the right format in place to help clients with their domain review information needs.

Sometimes, it so happens that online companies are unaware of their competition. And, this problem gets worse when the problem of indexing crops up. Without proper indexing search engines like Google and Bing don’t recognize pages and, this is when a website loses the leverage. To help such sites and to bring back the lost potential, InfoStats has launched a new indexing technique currently available to its customers.

Similarly, the Alexa page rank which a well-known measure to test the rank of a website is also employed by the company. Using the Alexa tool, experts from the company compare a site performance in terms of ranking to what it was three months ago. Domain stats concerning Alexa rank give a very accurate overview of how a website is performing.

This domain review site which is currently experiencing a huge influx of business owing to the tools and knowhow it uses also provides customers with comparisons that are based on social shares and other domain stats like Whois Lookup page rank and so on.

In all, InfoStats provides customers with every comparison tool that has an input to give in terms of performance both past and current. This is a company that is well on it’s to becoming the most preferred in the online circuit. It has and continues to employ higher standards to help customers get the most of their growth potential. To know more log onto http://www.infostats.org/
About InfoStats InfoStats is a free web service that provides webmasters with useful information and detailed stats on any domain for SEO and SEM purposes.

Media Contact
Jake Mora
mail: info@infostats.org
Scottsdale, Arizona.
Website: http://www.infostats.org/

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