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Domaining – All or nothing

Today: Parking revenues dipped in Feb. / Do you own an ULTRA premium .ca? / Sold CoinDecentralized.com for $6500 / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

FLASH DOMAINER MEETUP THIS SUNDAY (3/11) 5-7PM – Are you going to be in the Las Angeles, California area on the 11th of March? If so, you may want to meet up with this industry veteran.

Liquid.com sold for $750,000 – Awesome domain sale! There’s nothing like a solid high six-figure sale to get those motivational juices flowing.

ICOLaunchServices.com – It’s pretty long, but it might have some potential for an ICO start-up consulting agency. How much do you think this domain is worth in today’s markets?

Do you own an ULTRA premium .ca? – This investor is ready to break the bank and spend up to $10,000 on an ultra-premium one word .ca ccTLD. Do you have one in your portfolio?

Sold CoinDecentralized.com for $6500 – Nice four digit domain sales report for a long coin related domain. Just goes to show that there are still profits to be had in the coin niches.

Parking revenues dipped in Feb. – Has anyone else been experiencing another dip in parking revenues in the last couple months? Is parking domains becoming a less lucrative option for domain assets?

Domaining – All or Nothing – It seems that some investors feel that smaller investments are a waste of time and that anyone serious about investing in domains should go all or nothing. What are your thoughts?

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