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DomainsBot Announce Release of TLD Relevancy Suggestion Engine

Top registrars are among the early adopters of new recommendation tool.
San Francisco, CA and Rome, Italy (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

DomainsBot, the provider of leading domain suggestion technology, proudly launches TLD Recommendation Engine, the first Top Level Domain recommendation service.

DomainsBot, which currently services the world’s largest registrars, has created a program that replaces the current static domain search process with one that services multiple relevant TLDs. This new tool offers greater opportunity for registrars as well as registrants who purchase relevant and multiple domain names.

“Finding relevant and available domain names has been frustrating for registrants,” explains Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO and Chief Data Scientist of DomainsBot. “With the introduction of hundreds of new gTLDs, registrants have an unprecedented quantity of options. DomainsBot TLD Recommendation Engine is analogous to the well-known recommendation engines of Amazon.com and Netflix. Users of those services receive relevant suggestions and interact with an interface designed to improve user experience and boost transactions. DomainsBot TLD Recommendation Engine brings this same powerful technology to the domain name industry.”

The TLD Recommendation Engine works by showing the registrant a list of the most relevant TLD offered for their specific domain query. This is done by measuring the relevance to a given domain name search which is measured through intelligent machine learning that sources collected data. Metrics include content analysis of popular and relevant websites, frequency analysis of searched and registered domains, social media data mining and geographical targeting. Registrars can also submit custom content to personalize a registrant’s user experience.

Adam Eisner, Director, OpenSRS states: “DomainsBot’s TLD Recommendation Engine will allow us to provide cutting-edge search technology to accompany the new TLDs we roll out. We look forward to introducing it as new TLDs enter the market.”

Top registrars have already begun to roll out the new TLD Relevancy Search engine for their customer base.

Chris Sheridan, VP of Business Development at eNom Demand Media said, “Selecting TLDs by relevance creates a better end-user experience which is a key factor in the success of the new gTLD program. We are excited to provide this technology to our partners.”

“The arrival of new Top Level Domains means customers will be faced with more domain choices than ever before, and to make sure customers find the right domain a more dynamic search is needed to cover all the possibilities. We think the new DomainsBot search will help customers discover new TLDs and enhance their experience when purchasing from our website,” said Doug Schneider, Executive Vice President of SMB Solutions at Melbourne IT.

The DomainsBot TLD Recommendation Engine is free to registrars and resellers that currently use the DomainsBot Name Suggestion API.

To sample a demo version of the TLD Recommendation Engine, please visit http://demo.domainsbot.com

To learn more about the TLD Recommendation Engine, please contact Emiliano Pasqualetti at emiliano(at)domainsbot(dot)com

For more information on DomainsBot, please visit http://www.domainsbot.com
About DomainsBot
Founded in Rome, Italy, DomainsBot is the domain industry’s leading provider of domain name suggestion technology to domain name registrars and registries. Since 2005, the DomainsBot Recommendation Engine powers domain name suggestion tools at GoDaddy, Tucows, eNom, MelbourneIT and DirectI. Annually, an estimated 1.5 million new domain names are registered as a result of DomainsBot suggestions. Offices are in San Francisco, California and Rome, Italy.

CONTACT DomainsBot
Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO & Chief Data Scientist
Phone: +1 (415) 496-5551
Email: emiliano(at)domainsbot(dot)com
Twitter: @domainsbot

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